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Mirena is that the business name intended for the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system of contraception. Mirena may be a device established in your body that releases tiny amounts of the steroid levonorgestrel on to your womb. This method make available up to 5 years of contraception, and doctors additionally unremarkably suggest this product to treat significant periods each weight loss and weight gain area unit potential facet effects related to Mirena.

Exactly How Mirena Functions

Mirena Functions

Levonorgestrel is that the active ingredient in Mirena accountable for the contraceptive and therapeutic effects of this contraception system. These effects result from. However, Mirena interacts along with your womb. Mirena changes a layer of the uterus recognized as the mucosa that effects organic process.

What The Proof Shows

A Brazilian study directed within the Universidade Estadual DE Campinas and revealed within the August 2000 issue of the journal “Contraception” found that the employment of a Mirena in taking a look at subjects over a 5 year amount caused no significant weight increase or decrease in comparison to different take a look at subjects victimization entirely different styles of contraception.

Mirena And Weight

Consistent with “Birth management Pills,” doctors unremarkably attribute weight gain or loss thanks to contraceptive use to the endocrine sex hormone. Mirena doesn’t contain sex hormone. However, in keeping with Mirena’s prescribing info, up to five p.c of girls taking Mirena will gain weight, whereas a negligible quantity of girls could change state whereas victimization this contraception system. Whereas the manufacturer lists each weight gain and weight loss as doable facet effects of this contraceptive, it’s feasible that these changes in weight might not result from the employment of this product. At the time of publication, medical professionals don’t entirely perceive changes in weight thanks to the profession of Mirena at now.

The study revealed within the Gregorian calendar month 2011 issue of “Human Reproduction” found that monkeys within the traditional weight cluster maintained stable weights with contraception use, whereas the rotund monkeys lost weight throughout the study.


If you employ Mirena and skill either a weight loss or gain, you must rule out different causes that would justify your weight amendment. If you can not determine different potential causes of your change in weight, speak with the prescribing doctor and take into account attempting another style of contraception.

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