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Fat loss while not muscle gain isn’t a troublesome method. If you burn additional calories through activity than you’re taking in by ingestion, your body makes up the distinction by burning fat.

You’ll be able to try this by reducing your caloric intake or increasing the number of calories you burn through exercise.

Though exercise will cause muscle gain, the foremost muscle gain comes from resistance exercise.

If you adopt a weight-loss diet with very little to no resistance exercise, you’ll be able to shed fat while not adding muscle.

Maintain a Food Journal

How Many Calories To Lose Weight Calculator

Write down what you eat, once you eat and the way a lot of you eat. At the top of every day, use an internet calorie calculator or a calorie reckoning app on your phone to work out the number of calories you ate.

Addition of Calorie

After 3 days, add the number

Calories you ate day after day and divide the overall by 3 to urge the common number of calories you consume per day.

Weight Loss Diet

Low Carb 2

Adopt a weight-loss diet that diminishes your daily calorie intake by five hundred. This may lead to you losing relating to one pound per week.

Specialize in reducing your calories by surgical procedure high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, like those created primarily with sugar and white flour or those deep-fried in oil.

Regular Meal

Reduce Calories

Pre-plan, and flat pre-prepare, your regular meals once attainable.

This can be a lot of easier than making an attempt to trace your calorie intake on the fly over the course of the day.

Food Intake

Carry on maintaining your food intake day after day.

Remember to put in writing down the calories you ingest through liquids additionally as food. Even your morning cup of low adds calories if it’s full of cream and sugar.


if you wish to extend your rate of weight loss, add a daily session of vas exercise.

Though this may strengthen and tone your muscles, it’s unlikely to feature any mass or bulk to your existing muscle, particularly if you keep on with lower impact exercise like walking or swimming.

These activities burn more or less three hundred and 450 calories per hour, severally, once done at a moderate pace. Adding simply 5 thirty minute sessions per week of those activities will assist you to lose an additional 2 pounds a month.

Fewer Calories


Cut fewer calories obviously, if simply cutting calories goes to lead to most muscle loss, you wish to back out from any reducing diet.

The variety of exercise you decide on is extremely vital, cardiovascular exercise works on aerobic muscle fibers, which can increase extraction, but not essentially amendment muscle mass. The variety of exercise you decide on is extremely vital.

Cardiovascular exercise works on aerobic muscle fibers, which can increase extraction, however not basically amendment muscle mass. And you will still lose muscle mass if that is the exclusive manner you’re making an attempt to slim.

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